Checklist - Out-of-State License Conversion - 17 Years of Age and Younger (Passenger or Motorcycle)

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Before you visit the RMV, use this checklist to Get Ready to Go.

The information and documents listed below are needed in order to process your License Conversion Application. If you don’t have the ones listed here, please review the Acceptable Documents List. Please make sure you have all the required information before coming to the Service Center.

  • Social Security Number or Denial Notice

    (*from Social Security Administration with valid Visa. Refer to the Visa Classification Codes for eligibility)
  • Date of Birth

  • You need just one of the following documents:
      • U.S. Passport – must be current
      • Non-U.S. Passport – must be current and contain Visa and I-94 (Refer to the Visa Classification Codes for eligibility)
      • Birth Certificate – must be an original
  • Parent or Guardian Consent

      • Parent/guardian signature is required on the application
        • Guardian must have proper documentation of authority – refer to the Driver’s Manual for specific documents
  • Out-of-State License

      • Your Out-of-State License with photo may also be used to prove date of birth
      • If you do not have the out-of-state License OR if the out-of-state License does not have a photo, an acceptable photo ID from the Acceptable Documents List is required
  • Driving Record

      • Must be certified and not more than 30 days old
  • Payment of $115

      • There is an additional $15 fee to add Motorcycle privileges to a Class D License
      • Payable by cash, check (payable to MassDOT), money order, or credit/debit card

You must meet Massachusetts Driver’s Education requirements to be eligible to convert your license – Refer to the Driver’s Manual for list of requirements.

A certified English translation is required for all documents not written or printed in the English language. In addition, all documents must be originals. Photocopies will not be accepted.

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