Checklist - Registration/Title - Vehicles Purchased From an Individual

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Before you visit the RMV, use this checklist to Get Ready to Go.

The information and documents listed below are needed in order to process your Registration/Title (RMV-1) Application. Please make sure you have all the required information before coming to the Service Center.

Don’t waste your time getting in line until you verify you have the documentation below :

  • Completed Application

      • RMV-1 application completed and signed by appropriate parties
        • Registration/Vehicle section
        • Owner section
        • Title section
        • Lienholder section, if applicable
        • Insurance Certification
        • Signature section
  • Proof of Insurance

      • RMV-1 application with insurance stamp and signature in section 41B
      • The policy change date or effective date cannot be more than 30 days old OR be a date in the future to be eligible to register the vehicle
  • Proof of Ownership

      • Certificate of Title OR copy of Bill of Sale and previous Registration, (if exempt from obtaining a Title)
        • Must contain signatures of sellers and buyers 
        • Mileage must be recorded in appropriate area
  • Correct Payment

      • $75 Title fee, plus Registration fee (varies by plate type), plus applicable sales tax
      • Payable by cash, check (payable to MassDOT), or money order only
      • Sales tax will be calculated on sale price or NADA value (“book value”) of the vehicle, whichever is higher
      • If exempt from sales tax, a completed sales tax exemption form is required

Any erasures, white-outs, or alterations on the Proof of Ownership or Application will not be accepted.  The Application must be legible, and printed on white 8 ½” x 11” paper.  Color paper and card stock will not be accepted.  The Application must match the supporting documentation being presented.

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