Dual-line Customer Service Model

Have we got a surprise for you! Introducing our dual-line customer service model.

In late September 2015, the Registry launched the Wilmington RMV Branch Pilot Project. The Pilot was designed to test a two-line, or dual-line, customer service model to move customers through their transaction as quickly as possible. Initial Pilot results were positive and the model remains in place in Wilmington. The dual-line model is in use in the following branches:

In the new service model, customers are asked, with the assistance of RMV customer service advocates, to determine their level of readiness and enter the appropriate line to complete their transaction. Customers are directed through the branch with new green and orange signage.

A green or "Ready to Go" line is in place to serve customers who are prepared with the correct paperwork and method of payment.

An orange or "Customer Service" line is in place for customers who are unsure of what is needed to complete their transaction. Once the required actions are complete, the customer will proceed to the green line.

Customers can help prepare themselves for their branch visits by using one of our Checklists for Branch Transactions.

We are interested in collecting feedback from customers who have been to a branch with the new service model in place.

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