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Obtaining your license is a milestone that is often marked by excitement and at times fear. Your parent or guardian may not have to drive you to the movies or your friends' houses anymore, but you also have a set of rules to obey that are designed to ease your way into driving until you have gained the necessary behind the wheel experience that will make you a safe driver who is both aware and vigilant.

As you move forward, remember that driving is a privilege that should not be taken lightly. On this page, you will find helpful information such as safe driving tips, statistics on teen motor vehicle crashes, what to expect when obtaining your learner's permit and junior operator license, as well as information on what the law expects of you while driving on both.

You will also notice that we have provided links to our business partners' websites for you to browse at your convenience. These sites are full of information on subjects such as teens and alcohol, preparing for drivers education, and other useful hints on how to prepare.

Progress in protecting the safety of teen drivers in Massachusetts was made on January 3, 2007 when the Junior Operator's Bill was signed into law. The law is designed to ensure that teen drivers are not only getting the best possible training before they are fully licensed but that they are also aware of the responsibilities associated with getting behind the wheel.

Major improvements were also made to protect our young drivers when the Governor signed the Safe Driver Law. The law, which goes into effect on September 30, 2010, prohibits the use of mobile electronic devices (i.e. cell phones) for operators under the age of 18 while driving. Steep penalties will be imposed if a Junior Operator is found talking on a cell phone or writing, sending, or reading text messages while operating a motor vehicle.

The Parent's Supervised Driving Program (PSDP) is a guidebook designed to assist parents of new drivers. The PSDP guide contains information and lessons on driving basics, parental pointers, and licensing qualifications that are helpful to parents/guardians of new drivers. The guide will be sent via U.S. mail to parents/guardians of learner’s permit recipients within two to three weeks after a teen receives his/her permit. Safety Insurance has partnered with the Massachusetts DOT Registry of Motor Vehicles, Safe Roads Alliance, Travelers Marketing, and J. F. Griffin to sponsor the program. The PSDP is of no cost to families or taxpayers.

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