Massachusetts License/ID New Security Features

New License


Positioned to intersect the portrait, the Kinegram11 color and images change as the card is rotated and turned. This feature can be viewed by tilting the card at various angles.

Laser Perforation

The state outline is embedded into the card stock. It can be observed by holding the card up to any light source and does not require any other equipment to verify.

Tactile Features

Multiple instances of an applicant's personalized data are applied via laser. The features are visible as well as tactile. The tactility can be felt by running a finger over the data.

Laser Write

The cardholder's initials and year of birth appear within the Kinegram®. This feature can also be viewed when backlit, using a flashlight.

Ultraviolet (UV) Ink

Ultraviolet sensitive inks are embedded within the security background design allowing for authentication under an ultraviolet light source.

Multiple Data Placements

The individual applicant's data is placed at various locations on the front and back of each document.


The 1D and 2D Barcodes contain demographic data and identification numbers, unique to the cardholder. Kinegram Laser Write Tactile Initials & Year of Birth Laser Perforation State outline Date of Birth 2D Barcode 1D Barcode Ultraviolet (UV) Ink - Visible only with UV light source

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