Professional Driving Schools

License and ID

Welcome to the Driver Education section of the Registry of Motor Vehicles website. This section is dedicated solely to the professional driver education community including Professional Driving Schools, Public School Driver Education Programs, Driver Skills Development Programs, and all driving instructors.

Within this section, you will find licensing and operating information and guidelines, applications and forms, required curriculums and legislative information for all current and future driving schools and instructors. The information found in this section replaces and updates the Registry of Motor Vehicles Guidelines for Professional Driving Schools and Driving School Instructors (Class D Licenses) published October 1, 1997.

We hope that you find this section helpful to you and we thank you for visiting the RMV website. Hopefully, you will easily access the information and answers to any questions you may have. Should you have additional questions or concerns regarding any aspect of driver education, you may contact Drivers Licensing Section directly at 857-368-8110, or by e-mail at:

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