Driving Instructor Training Course (DITC)

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Professional Driving School Instructor and Public School Driver Education Instructor - Driving Instructor Training Course (DITC).

The Registrar shall maintain a list of all driving schools who are approved to conduct a training program to train other driver education instructors.

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In order to be approved by the Registrar to conduct such a program an applicant must:

  1. Submit a written request to conduct a Driving Instructor Training Course to the office of the Driver Licensing Section at the following address:
    Registry of Motor Vehicles
    Driver Licensing Section
    P.O. Box 55889
    Boston, MA 02205-5889
  2. Have at least one (1) full-time owner/manager who has had a valid driving school instructor's certificate for two (2) consecutive years immediately preceding the request for approval.
  3. Have two (2) consecutive years experience as a certified driving school, teaching driving education of both classroom and on-road instruction.
  4. Be violation free for two (2) consecutive years immediately preceding request for approval.
  5. Submit a written proposed curriculum and list of textbooks and materials to be used as part of the Driving Instructor Training Course.

If approved, the driving instructor training program must be at least sixty-five (65) hours in length and include:

  1. Forty-five (45) hours of classroom instruction including a 30 hour segment of basic information for new drivers and 15 hours of instruction on teaching principles and techniques, record requirements and general housekeeping guidelines.
  2. Ten (10) hours of observation of an actual on-road driving lesson while a certified Trainer-Instructor is in the front seat.
  3. At least ten (10) hours of student teaching. Student teaching is defined as observation and participation as a student-instructor in the classroom portion of an actual driver education program. A certified Trainer-Instructor must be present during all student-instructor activities.

Instructional Activity Records

A loose-leaf book or card catalogue containing a specific page or index card for each person receiving instruction. The cards or pages must contain the following information: name, address, telephone number, date of birth, driver's license number and a chronological list of the date(s) of instruction, the exact time, duration and subject matter of instruction, starting from the first lesson and including the certified instructor's name and registration number of the vehicle used for on-road instruction.

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