Veterans Indicator

License and ID

Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces who were honorably discharged can choose to have the word "Veteran" printed on their MA license or ID card. The Veteran's Indicator can be added at the time of your license or ID card renewal or when you order a duplicate permit, license, or ID card.

There is no additional fee for the Veteran's Indicator, but you are required to pay your renewal fee. If your license/ID card is not up for renewal, you can obtain a duplicate license/ID card for no fee with the Veteran’s Indicator.

This transaction can only be processed in person at an RMV Service Center or at one of the select AAA locations. You will need to present a completed license and ID application and one of the following documents to prove eligibility:

  • A DD-214 that indicates honorable discharge; only the long form (full page) is acceptable
  • A DD-215 that indicates honorable discharge
  • An Honorable Discharge form

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