Mature Drivers

Mature Drivers

Research shows that we tend to drive better as we age.... up to a certain point.

Statistics tell us that the crash rate for mature drivers is relatively low due to the fact that most mature drivers tend to self-regulate by taking simple but important precautions. These self-imposed limitations may include driving only during daylight hours, staying home when weather conditions are poor, avoiding rush hour, and driving less.

Owning a car and holding a license are privileges that come with a good deal of responsibility. We all have an obligation to be concerned about our driving.

Warning Signs of Unsafe Driving

If you are wondering about your driving ability, here is a list of the warning signs of unsafe driving. If you find yourself answering yes to many of these questions, you may need to consider driving less, or in some cases not driving at all.

Driving Evaluations

Many hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and occupational therapists offer driving evaluations. Several safety organizations offer older driver training. Here is a comprehensive list of driving evaluation programs and driver training classes in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. This is a list not an endorsement. View our Medical Affairs Brochure listing driving evaluation programs in Massachusetts.

Free Elder Driver Workshops

The RMV offers free, one-hour safe driving workshops across the state. View our list of scheduled workshops linked from the menu at left. For more information contact the phone number listed on the schedule.

Request a Program in Your Community

The RMV offers free, one-hour safe driving workshops across the state. Here you will find the Elder Outreach Form.

Alternatives to Driving...What are the options?

To obtain information on alternatives to driving within your community visit

Transportation services are available in many cities and towns for people who prefer not to drive. To find transportation services in your region, visit the MassMobility resource list at
Veterans can find additional options at

Required In-Person Renewals for Operators Over 75

Effective September 30, 2010, operators 75 years of age or older can only renew a driver's license at an RMV Service Center or AAA office. The operator must either pass a vision test or present a completed Vision Screening Certificate.

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