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Mature Drivers

Family Conversations

We Need to Talk is a comprehensive guide for families dealing with unsafe drivers. The guide was created by The Hartford Insurance Company, MIT's Age Lab, and AARP.

Driving Evaluations

Many Massachusetts hospitals and rehabilitation centers offer driving evaluations.
View our Medical Affairs Brochure

How to Understand & Influence Older Drivers

"This booklet helps families and friends of older drivers understand when and how [driving] changes may be needed and how to keep older persons better connected to the people and activities that are important to them."

FAQ for caregivers

  • What should I do if my family member is showing signs of unsafe driving?

    For some mature drivers, the transition from driver to passenger occurs easily. For others, giving up the keys may be a very difficult decision to make. AARP suggests steps one should take when a family member shows signs of unsafe driving. In some cases a driving evaluation, conducted at a hospital or rehabilitation center, may prove beneficial in determining if your family member is safe to operate. For a list of organizations that offer driving evaluations please see the Medical Affairs Brochure link above.

  • How do I bring up the subject of surrendering the keys?

    According to AARP, the first conversations about safety should occur long before driving becomes a problem. See Family Conversations for helpful tips.

  • Can I report an unsafe driver to the RMV?

    Yes. The RMV Medical Affairs Dept. accepts reports from: family members, physicians, law enforcement, or other interested third parties, including, but not limited to, members of the individual's community (such as neighbors), private driving schools, physical therapists, etc.
    Request for medical evaluation.

  • How do I report an unsafe driver to the RMV?

    If an interested party chooses to report a possible unfit driver to the RMV, the report must be in writing and must be signed by the person making the report. The report must contain the name and address or name and telephone number of the complaining party. The report must contain identification of the individual whose driving ability is being questioned, including the name and at least one of the following: social security number, license, date of birth, and address. In addition, the report must contain the reason for the complaint and/or a description of the purported functional limitation.
    Request for medical evaluation.

  • If I make a complaint, will it be confidential?

    The RMV will not disclose this information to anyone over the telephone. However, in compliance with the public record's law, if we receive a signed request from the person the complaint is about, then we will provide a copy of the original complaint.

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