About the Merit Rating Board

The primary mission of the Merit Rating Board (MRB) is the accurate and efficient maintenance and update of driving records for automobile insurance purposes. Information collected by the MRB impacts all Massachusetts private passenger auto insurance policies.

The MRB, a section within the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) – RMV Division maintains operator driving records consisting of traffic law violations, at-fault and comprehensive insurance claim records and out-of-state records. The MRB reports this information to Massachusetts auto insurance companies for application of the Safe Driver Insurance Plan (SDIP) or a merit rating plan.

Massachusetts utilizes a managed competition system for automobile insurance. Under this system insurance companies set their own rates, subject to approval by the Commissioner of Insurance. Driving safely and maintaining a clean driving record will almost certainly reduce your automobile insurance premiums. The Safe Driver Insurance Plan and most company merit rating plans provide good driver discounts to drivers with clean driving records.

The Merit Rating Board is established by Massachusetts General Law Chapter 6C, Section 57A. Read the full law that establishes the Merit Rating Board.

The MRB is responsible for:

  • Traffic Law Violations - The MRB receives citations for traffic law violations from Massachusetts police departments and courts, and applies each citation to the specified violator's driving record. The MRB receives payments, hearing requests, and address changes from violators and applies these updates to individual driving records.
  • Auto Insurance Claims - The MRB receives at-fault insurance claims (property damage, collision and limited collision, bodily injury and personal injury protection) and comprehensive claims from an insurer and applies each claim incident to the specified individual's driving record.
  • Policy Inquiries from Insurers - The MRB receives policy inquiries (requests for driving history information) from insurers, applies each policy inquiry to the specified individual's driving record, and returns a policy inquiry response to the insurer. The MRB also creates a notice to reinquire to an insurer for each listed operator whose driving record has changed since the most recent policy inquiry.
  • Out-of-State Driving Records - The MRB receives out-of-state driving records from an insurer, and applies each out-of-state incident to the specified individual's driving record.
  • MRB Administrative Procedures - The MRB publishes Administrative Procedures for Safe Driver Insurance Plan, a document that provides procedures to insurers for submitting auto insurance claim records, policy inquiries, and out-of-state driving records to the Merit Rating Board. The SDIP Regulation requires all insurers writing private passenger auto insurance in the Commonwealth to comply with the MRB administrative procedures.
  • Information Technology - The MRB designs and operates the SDIP computer software. The MRB also designs and operates the personal computer software that manages electronic data transfers between the MRB, courts and insurers.
  • Customer Service - The MRB maintains a telephone and walk-in service for any customer with a question or concern about his or her driving history record, and corrects any error made by the MRB.
  • MRB On-Line Service - The MRB maintains computer software for the computer screens used by authorized insurance companies and agents to view the driving records maintained by the MRB. This service is available through the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles Uninsured Motorist System. The MRB keeps a history of all transactions performed by insurance companies and agents through this on-line service.

The MRB is committed to promoting customer understanding of the impact that an individual's driving history record has on insuring a private passenger automobile in Massachusetts. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our Customer Service Section any weekday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM at 857-368-8100.

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