Information for Massachusetts Auto Insurers

This area of the Merit Rating Board's website is intended for Massachusetts private passenger automobile insurers. These documents are for administrative purposes only.

Administrative Procedures for Safe Driver Insurance Plan (Revised 11/13/17) [PDF 7 MB]

Instructions to Apply for Authority to Sell Private Passenger Auto Insurance in MA [PDF 465KB]

Surcharge Notice Information

The insurer must notify the policyholder and the involved operator that an accident is an at-fault accident and is surchargeable under the Safe Driver Insurance Plan using this Surcharge Notice format, approved for use as of October 18, 2017.

The SDIP Regulation 211 CMR 134.05: Notification of At-Fault Accidents contains the deadlines for reporting the Surcharge Notice to the policyholder and involved operator. A separate notification must be sent to the policyholder only if the policyholder is a person other than the involved operator.

Violation Codes

This table provides a description of the violation codes returned in the policy inquiry responses to insurers (as described in the Administrative Procedures for Safe Driver Insurance Plan, Appendix B, Field 24). Please note that this information is subject to change without notice.
Violation Codes - Policy Inquiry Response Record - (Revised 04/19/14) [PDF 46 KB]


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