Massachusetts auto insurers and the Division of Insurance Board of Appeal use these Standards of Fault to determine if an operator is more than 50 percent at fault. For a full definition of any standard, read the 211 CMR 74.00: Standards of Fault (PDF).

There are 19 standards:

 01 Collision with a Lawfully or Unlawfully Parked Vehicle
 03 Rear End Collision
 05 Out of Lane Collision
 07 Failure to Signal
 08 Failure to Proceed with Due Caution from a Traffic Control Signal or Sign
 09 Collision on Wrong Side of Road
 10 Operating in the Wrong Direction
 11 Collision at an Uncontrolled Intersection
 14 Collision While in the Process of Backing Up
 15 Collision While Making a Left Turn or U-Turn Across the Travel Path of a Vehicle Traveling in the Same or Opposite Direction
 17 Leaving or Exiting from a Parked Position, Parking Lot, Alley or Driveway
 18 Opened or Opening Vehicle Door(s)
 19 Single Vehicle Collision
 20 Failure to Obey the Rules and Regulations for Driving
 21 Unattended Vehicle Collision
 26 Collision While Merging onto a Highway, or into a Rotary
 27 Non-Contact Operator Causing Collision
 29 Failure to Yield the Right of Way to Emergency Vehicles when Required by Law
 31 Collision at a "T" Intersection

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