Notification of an At-Fault Accident Surcharge

If you are determined to be more than 50 percent at fault in an accident, your insurance company will send you a Surcharge Notice.

  • The notice is sent to the involved operator within 20 (working) days of the insurance company's claim payment.
  • If the policyholder of the vehicle involved in the accident is not the involved operator, the insurance company will send the at-fault accident Surcharge Notice to both the policyholder and the involved operator.
  • The insurance company notifies the Merit Rating Board (MRB).
  • The MRB adds the at-fault accident to the involved operator's driving history record as a surchargeable incident.

Surcharge Notice Date

The surcharge notice date of an at-fault accident is the date of notice entered by an insurer on the at-fault accident Surcharge Notice. It is not the date of the incident. The at-fault accident surcharge notice date is used to determine if the incident falls within the 6-year policy experience period. The notice date is sometimes referred to as the "surcharge date."

sample of surcharge notice

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