Massachusetts Dealer Purchase - Applying for a Registration


To Register and Title Vehicles Purchased from a Massachusetts Dealer:

  1. Have the dealer complete and sign an Application for Registration & Title (RMV-1 Form).

  2. You then must go to a licensed Massachusetts insurance agent to obtain an active insurance policy and have the agent stamp and sign the RMV-1 application.

    If there is a lien against the vehicle, please make sure the lienholder information is complete and accurate.

  3. The completed RMV-1 must be accompanied by the bill of sale and one of the following documents:
    • A manufacturers Certificate of Origin (new vehicles only), or
    • The previous owner's Certificate of Title, Dealer Re-Assignment form if applicable, or
    • The previous registration for vehicles that are exempt from title because of their age.

  4. If presenting the Certificate of Origin or the previous owner's title, be sure the date sold, the odometer reading and the purchase price have been completed on the back. The dealer or the previous owner(s) and you must sign the back of either of these forms.

  5. Take the completed RMV-1 application and supporting documents to the nearest RMV Full Service Center.

    A 6.25% sales tax will be collected at this time based on the purchase price of the dealer sale. If the dealer is not registered with the Department of Revenue or the vehicle was purchased through a private sale, the sales tax will be calculated at 6.25% of the purchase price or the National Automotive Dealer Association (NADA) clean trade-in value, whichever is higher. If no clean trade-in value is available a default value agreed upon by both the Registry of Motor Vehicles and the Department of Revenue will be used.

    After completing the transaction, you will receive a registration certificate, new plates and a year of expiration decal for the rear plate. The title will be processed and mailed in approximately six (6) to eight (8) weeks. If you have a loan on the vehicle, the title will be mailed directly to your lienholder.

    You must obtain a vehicle inspection sticker within seven (7) days of the registration date.

Before you visit the RMV, use this Vehicles Purchased from a Dealer Checklist to Get Ready to Go!

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