Form Description Instructions
Affidavit of Repossession
(revised 6/07)
This form is used when a lien holder repossesses a vehicle. You may bring the completed form, along with the title, to any RMV Full Service Center.
Application for Dealer Reassignment of Title (DRT-1) This application is used by Licensed Massachusetts Dealers to order DRT-1 forms used to reassign a title or assign & authorize a loan payoff or assign & authorize a duplicate certificate of title.

Complete the top section and sign it. Mail or fax the completed form. The RMV will mail the DRT-1 forms to the Dealer address.

Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title
(revised 1/06)
This application is used to apply for a duplicate title if yours has been lost. Please follow the instructions found on the top of the form for completing the application. You may bring the completed form, appropriate fee and lien release (if applicable), to any RMV Full Service Center or mail everything to the address on the form.
Application for Inspection of a Salvaged Motor Vehicle
(revised 10/05)
This application is used to get a salvage inspection performed on your repaired/reconstructed vehicle in order to register the vehicle.

Please complete this form and bring it with you to a Massachusetts inspection site.

Dealer Payoff Worksheet This worksheet is used as a guide for dealers to ensure that the proper procedures are followed and the pertinent information is recorded when a lien payoff is made.
Complete all of the information on the worksheet and use as a guide when making payoff. This worksheet should be kept in deal folder for future reference.
Lienholder Complaint Form
(revised 09/05)
This form is used when a lienholder fails to timely release a lien and forward the title to a dealer, insurer or owner after having received payment.
Complete the entire form, print name, and sign. Mail the completed form along with any documents specified in the form that may substantiate the claim to the address on the form.
Proof of Visual Inspection (VIN)
(revised 10/05)
This form is used to verify a VIN. Complete the upper portion of the form. Submit your vehicle for a visual inspection of its VIN to any state, MDC, or local police officer and have him/her complete and sign in the appropriate areas.
RMV1 Use this form to process:
  • Registration and Title (RT)
  • Registration Only (RO)
  • Registration Transfer (RX)
  • Title Only (TO)
  • Salvage Title (ST)
  • Summer/Winter Swap (SW)
  • Title Add Registration (TAR)
  • Surviving Spouse (SS)
This is a 2-page document. Both pages must be completed in full, stamped by your insurance company or agent (registration transactions only) and submitted with all proper documents to the RMV Full Service Center for processing. Purchaser(s) signature is required on line 50 / 51. Mass dealer signature required on all Mass dealer sales.

This form will be rejected by the RMV for the following reasons:

  • The form is not printed on 8 ½ x 11 white paper
  • The form is printed on color paper
  • The form is printed on card stock
  • The form is not signed in the appropriate places by the registered owner(s)
  • The form is not legible due to ink smears or low toner marks
Title Amendment Form
(revised 09/05)
The Title Amendment Form is used to amend or change information on your title. If you are adding a lienholder to a title, complete sections A, B and D of this form and supply the required documents. If you are changing information on a title, complete sections A, C and D of this form and supply the required documents. Complete the Title Amendment form. All owners must sign the application. Mail the completed form, original title and a $25.00 check or money order, made payable to the Registry of Motor Vehicles, to the address listed at the top of the form.

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