Laws and Regulations


The laws and regulations listed below are some of the ones most frequently referenced.

The list is not intended to describe all applicable laws or regulations.

Chapter 90: Motor Vehicles

  • Section 2 - Registration of Motor Vehicles (7-Day Transfer Law)
  • Section 5 - General Registrations and General Registration Plates (Dealer/Repair)
  • Section 7N - Voiding Contracts of Sale
  • Section 7N1/4 - Warranties on Used Motor Vehicles (Lemon Law)
  • Section 7N1/2 - Defective or Malfunctioning New Motor Vehicles

Chapter 90D: Motor Vehicle Titles

  • Section 15A - Transfer of Title (Deliver title when delivering vehicle)
  • Section 16 - Assignment and Warranty of Title; Record of Transactions (Dealers)

Chapter 140: Dealer Licensing

  • Section 58 - Classes of Licenses
  • Section 59 - Licensing Authority of City/Town (Licenses; Term; Fees, etc.
  • Section 59A - Licensing of Motor Vehicle Junkyards
  • Section 62 - Record Keeping (Used Car Dealer Record Book)
  • Section 66 - Certain Authorities May Enter Licensed Premises; Examination
  • Section 67 - Penalty for Refusal to Allow Entry or Examination
  • Section 67A - Removal of Registration Number Plates & VIN Plates from Vehicles to be Junked

540 CMR Chapter 18.00:

940 CMR 5.04:

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