Form Description Instructions
Branch Weekly Receipt This form is used when an EVR end user location is dropping its daily or weekly batchwork to a Service Center instead of sending it via certified mail. Complete the required information and sign the form. Bring the form and appropriate batchwork to the Service Center. The clerk will complete the branch section, collect your batchwork, and return the receipt to you. Please keep the receipt for your records.
Criminal Offender Record Inquiry (CORI) The CORI form is used to check the eligibility of potential EVR End Users Once all fields are completed, please print the form, sign and date it. Fax the completed form to 857-368-0821.
EVR Request for Re-Authorization This form is used when an Authorized User's password expires, or an Authorized User needs additional access for central processing purposes. This form is screen-fillable, which means you complete it on screen and print it. Please complete this form and fax it to 857-368-0821. This form is required to be signed by the Dealer Principal, Comptroller, or EVR Supervisor.
Request for License Plate Reassignment A license plate reassignment is done when a customer leases a vehicle and wishes to retain possession of his or her current plate. Complete the form and fax it to the number on the front of the form. Process an inquiry transaction within a half hour to make sure that the plate has been canceled. Your EVR software has 3 plate type options: New, Transfer, and Reassignment. Select the Reassignment option to complete this type of transaction. You do not need to add the plate to the EVR plate inventory.
Application for Title Withdrawal This form is used for the withdrawal of a new vehicle transaction for a vehicle that has not left the dealer's lot. Please complete the application and submit with the required documents as specified on the form. Upon receipt of the form and the required documents the certificate of origin will be returned to the dealer.
Affidavit For Cancellation of Registration Use this form to cancel a registration when there are two vehicle owners listed on the title/registration OR to cancel a registration on behalf of the owner(s). Otherwise, you can cancel your registration online. If you are the vehicle owner, complete sections A, B, and C. If you are not the vehicle owner, complete sections A, B, and D. Once the registration is canceled, please recycle or destroy the plates.
Plate Cancellation Error Correction This form is used to correct a plate that has been canceled in error. Complete all the required information and fax to the number provided on the top of the form.
Program Inventory Order Form The EVR Program Inventory Order Form is used to order plates and supplies for EVR users. Complete the form and fax it to the number provided on the form. Please note that all requests for RMV Supplies must be made 7 business days in advance.
RMV-3 Use this form to change your insurance company, to reinstate your insurance, swap to a different plate, amend information on your registration, or to renew your registration. Do not use the RMV-3 Form if there are any changes in ownership or you are requesting a summer/winter swap. In these cases, an original application for title (RMV-1 form) must be completed.
RMV/EVR FID Change Requirements Request Form Use this form to add a new fid number, change or add a company address, or change a corporate name Check the appropriate box and fax all required information to the fax number on the form.
Affidavit for Title Correction This form is used to make a correction in an assignment of title, certificate of origin or application for title (RMV-1). This form cannot be used if the first assignment by owner on the back of a title is being voided, or if the purchaser is being changed. In this case, the owner must apply for and obtain a duplicate certificate of title. The Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title form is used for this purpose. A complete description of the vehicle which should include the year, make, model and VIN. The title number (state must be listed, if not Massachusetts). A detailed statement explaining the error(s) made and the source. A detailed statement explaining the correct information (The RMV may also require evidence to support the claim). If the person providing the affidavit is representing a company, this affidavit must be on company letterhead.
Lienholder Complaint Form This form is used when a lienholder fails to timely release a lien and forward the title to a dealer, insurer or owner after having received payment. Complete the entire form, print name, and sign. Mail the completed form along with any documents specified in the form that may substantiate the claim to the address on the form.
Application for Sales Tax Abatement Use this form to apply for a rebate on sales tax.

If you are applying for a sales tax abatement for an EVR transaction, mail the completed application to:

Revenue Operations
10 Park Plaza Suite 5510
Boston, MA 02116

All others should mail the form to the address on the application.

Refund of RMV Fees Use this form to apply for a refund of RMV registration fees Mail the completed application to the address on the form. A full refund of the registration fee applies if the registration is canceled within ten days of the registration effective date.
EVR Resolution Document This is a guide used for EVR participants to coordinate resolutions for errors. Look at the Table of contents for your specific scenario and proceed to the page listed for further instructions.
EVR Permit Terms As a member of the EVR Program, participants are required to complete this EVR Permit Terms every 3 years. You will be notified when a new Permit is required. If you are notified by letter from the EVR Department, review the entire Permit Terms and print 2 copies of the Signature Page. Fill out the Signature Page in the following sections from the top: Permit Holder (Business Name), Check the appropriate business type, under the For Permit Holder section: The authorized representative must sign the top line and complete the remaining lines including: Name of authorized representative & position, Name of Permit Holder (include d/b/a), Street address and # of Authorized Permit Location, City, State, Zip Code, and Tel: Number. If appropriate, complete the Name of Designee. Please mail 2 original Signature Pages to the address on the form.
EVR Paperwork Separation A list of documents that must be sent to the RMV in your daily/weekly bundle. N/A

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