Low Emissions Vehicle Program


The Massachusetts Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) law, enacted in 1990, requires that all new passenger vehicles sold and registered in Massachusetts meet cleaner California motor vehicle emission standards.

Simply put, the LEV program requires that new vehicles - any vehicle with 7,500 miles or less on the odometer - must be equipped with factory-installed California-certified advanced emission control systems. This applies to all 1995 and newer passenger cars and light-duty trucks up to 6,000 pounds sold and registered in Massachusetts.

Beginning with model year 2003, medium-duty gasoline and diesel fueled vehicles must be certified as meeting California motor vehicle emission standards prior to being sold or registered in Massachusetts. This applies to all vehicles with 7500 miles or less on the odometer. Medium-duty vehicles are vehicles weighing 6,001 - 14,000 lbs.

For more information on this, please visit the Department of Environmental Protection website.

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