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Compliance decals are issued to Farm, Repair, and Owner Contractor plate holders only. The purpose of the Compliance decal is to provide evidence on the vehicle itself that a vehicle title has been obtained and the sales tax has been paid (if applicable).

Note: Compliance with the decal requirement is a condition of being lawfully registered. A vehicle without the required decal is considered unregistered. There is an application process to apply for these decals.

In order to qualify for a compliance decal, you must provide all vehicle title and sales tax information on the application. You should not attempt to apply for a Compliance decal until you have completed the title process for all vehicles.

540 CMR 18.04 .3(b)3 - Requirement for permanent lettering.

Any vehicle owned by a Repairer and used primarily in the repairer business, and displaying on the vehicle the business name and the municipality where the business is located in permanent lettering at least 1.5" in size, which is plainly visible from each side or from the front and rear of the vehicle.

Note to Farmers:

As defined in 540 CMR 18.02 pp8 - "A farmer may only operate motor vehicles or trailers principally used and dedicated to the farming activity with the general registration and plates and not passenger vehicles".

Note about Compliance Decals:

A Compliance Decal is not required for an "Implement of Husbandry" as defined in M.G.L. c.90D s.1 -- "Generally, Implements of Husbandry include vehicles or machines used directly and exclusively for agricultural production, such as tractors, plow, backhoes, baler, harrowers, harvester, manure spreaders, and seeder".

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