Name Changes


If you would like to request a name change, please complete the Name/Address Change Request Form and fax or mail it with all supporting documents to the fax number or address below.

Required supporting documents:

  • Proof of Federal Tax ID number
  • Copy of an updated Dealer's License (if applicable)
  • Copy of an updated Certificate of Business (if applicable)
  • Copy of Corporation Documentation (if applicable)

Mailing address:
Mass DOT - RMV Division
Section 5
P O BOX 55897
Boston, MA 02205

Section 5 phone: 857-368-8030
Section 5 fax: 857-368-0823

Note: In order to avoid non-compliance, please notify us in advance of the move, if possible, if not, you must notify us within 30 days after the relocation.

All General Registrations and all General Registration Plates issued by the Registrar remain the property of the Registrar and are not transferable.

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