Ex-POW plates are issued to former prisoners of war.

Ex-Prisoners of War are eligible for one (1) set of plates.

Ex-POW Plate

Procedure to Obtain Ex-POW Plates:

You must present one of the following documents to a RMV Full Service Center to verify your eligibility:

  • Honorable Discharge, DD-214, Release from Active Duty paperwork

In addition to the verification listed above, you will need a copy of your current registration (if applicable), a signed and stamped Application for Registration & Title (RMV-1 Form) from your insurance agent (if a newly purchased vehicle), or a signed and stamped Application to Swap Plates (RMV-3 Form) from your insurance agent (if acquiring Ex-POW plates on an existing registration).


There is no fee for the issuance or the renewal of the Ex-POW plates.

Renewal Cycle:

These plates must be renewed every two (2) years.

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