Update - April 2015:

Per the Valor Act II the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) is in the process of redesigning the “Purple Heart” license plate that is issued to recipients of the Purple Heart medal. The plate will continue to display an image of the Purple Heart medal, but will now read, "ORDER OF THE PURPLE HEART RECIPIENT" and "COMBAT WOUNDED". The redesign and manufacture process can take up to four months after a design has been finalized. The RMV will mail replacement plates to current plate holders, and provide an update on this website when the new design is available.


Purple Heart plates are issued to veterans who have been awarded a Purple Heart medal. A Purple Heart medal recipient must prove that s/he has been awarded a Purple Heart in order to receive these plates.

Purple Heart recipients are eligible for one (1) set of plates for each Purple Heart medal received.

Purple Heart Plate

Procedure to Obtain Purple Heart Plates:

You must present one of the following documents to a RMV Full Service Center to verify your eligibility:

  • Honorable Discharge, DD-214, Release from Active Duty paperwork, or
  • Statement of Service from the United States Veterans' Administration

In addition to the verification listed above, you will need a copy of your current registration (if applicable), a signed and stamped Application for Registration & Title (RMV-1 Form) from your insurance agent (if a newly purchased vehicle), or a signed and stamped Application to Swap Plates (RMV-3 Form) from your insurance agent (if acquiring Purple Heart plates on an existing registration).


There is no fee for the issuance or the renewal of the Purple Heart plates.

Renewal Cycle:

These plates must be renewed every two (2) years.

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