Accumulation of Offenses

Suspensions & Hearings

You are not required to see a Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) Hearings Officer to reinstate the following suspensions/revocations:

  • Three speeding tickets within a one-year period
  • Three surchargeable events within a two-year period
  • Five surchargeable events within a three-year period
  • Seven surchargeable events within a three-year period
  • Three convictions for not having transparent windows

An operator with any of the suspensions/revocations listed above has the right to see an RMV Hearings Officer, but only to address the accuracy of his/her record. If an operator feels that an error has been made and wishes to challenge the record as reported, he/she will need to present documentation to an RMV Hearings Officer to demonstrate that:

  • He/she was found not guilty or not responsible for a reported motor vehicle violation and/or an at-fault surchargeable accident
  • The offense was not his/hers
  • A court disposition was entered incorrectly
  • He/she has received a suspension notice for a civil citation for which he/she has requested a court hearing
  • He/she has been approved for a Board of Appeals hearing to challenge an at-fault accident

This documented proof can include, but is not limited to, any of the following:

  • A court abstract
  • A Civil Motor Vehicle Violation court disposition sheet
  • Proof from the Board of Appeals that an appeal hearing has been allowed for a surchargeable accident; proof can be any of the following:
    • Letter
    • Postcard
    • Front and back of the cancelled check used to file the appeal

Hearings for Habitual Traffic Offenders

An operator with a Habitual Traffic Offender suspension/revocation may choose to appear for his/her scheduled hearing prior to the effective date of the suspension/revocation. Appearance is not required if he/she is not challenging the accuracy of the record. You see an RMV Hearings Officer prior to being reinstated for this suspension/revocation.

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