Hearing Sites and Schedules

Suspensions & Hearings

Suspension hearings are held with an RMV Hearings Office in the following RMV Service Centers, visit the RMV Service Center page below for hearing hours and days.

  • Hearings are held on a walk-in basis.
  • Hearing length varies with the type of suspension and severity of the offenses.
  • Customers are advised to arrive as early as possible and to allow extra time for additional transactions.
  • At the end of a hearing, some customers may be eligible to perform additional Registry transactions.
  • During periods of heavy customer volume, the hearing office may stop accepting walk-in customers.
  • Hearing officers plan their breaks to limit any inconvenience to customers.

If your license is suspended you cannot drive a motor vehicle. Please visit the MBTA web page for public transportation routes and schedules.