Suspensions & Hearings

It is the operator's responsibility to report any change in the operational condition of his/her motor vehicle to the Ignition Interlock Department of the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

PLEASE NOTE: Informing an Ignition Interlock Vendor does not satisfy this obligation.

If the IID equipped vehicle is disabled, broken-down or non-operational, you must immediately contact the RMV’s Ignition Interlock Department and provide proof of the vehicle’s operational status. Following notification, the RMV’s Ignition Interlock Department will remove you from the IID program and suspend your right to operate until the vehicle is returned to working order.

IMPORTANT: It is a violation of the IID program to miss a service visit for any reason, including the operational condition of the motor vehicle. If you miss a service visit, you are subject to the IID violation penalties. Please refer to the Ignition Interlock Device Program Violations section for more information.

The Ignition Interlock Department can be reached by phone at 857-368-7180.

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