Suspensions & Hearings

Change of Information

An operator in the Ignition Interlock Device (IID) Program must report all status changes to the Ignition Interlock Department of the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV). Updated information shall include but is not limited to:

  • Change of address
  • Additional licensed residents
    A complete and notarized Ignition Interlock Affidavit – Other Licensed Resident is required for each additional licensed resident.
  • Transfer to a new vehicle or adding an IID to an additional vehicle
  • Totaled or disabled IID vehicles
    For more information, see the Disabled Ignition Interlock Device Vehicle section
  • Change in Ignition Interlock Vendor

An operator must bring his/her vehicle to the IID service provider once every 25 – 30 days for as long as the operator is subject to the IID license restriction. At these service visits, the IID will be inspected for mechanical and functional defaults. In addition, the IID vendor/service provider will upload the data from the vehicle’s IID and transmit that data to the RMV. It is an Ignition Interlock Device Program Violation to miss a service appointment. If you know that you will miss a service visit, you must contact the Ignition Interlock Department.


If the IID in your vehicle goes into lockout, you have 48 hours to return to the IID service provider for a service visit. If you do not return to the IID vendor within the 48hr time period, the IID will remain in a state of lockout and must be towed, at your expense, to the IID vendor.

When a lockout occurs

  • Two (2) failed start-up tests within one service period
  • One (1) failed rolling retest with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) registered at or above .05
  • Two (2) failed rolling retests in which your BAC registered between .02 and .05 within a service period
  • One (1) missed service visit
  • Two (2) missed rolling retests

If you believe a lockout is improper, you may request a hearing with the RMV's Ignition Interlock Department within 30 days of the lockout. The Ignition Interlock Department can be reached by phone at 857-368-7180.

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