Suspensions & Hearings

Pursuant to the provisions of 801 CMR 4.02, all operators subject to an Ignition Interlock license restriction are subject to a $30 monthly program administration fee. This fee shall be collected by the IID Vendor on behalf of the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) at your initial service visit (not installation) and each subsequent service visit.

The RMV requires offenders who have accumulated two or more convictions for OUI (Alcohol or Controlled Substances) to have the IID installed in their vehicle and pay the appropriate fees. This fee is effective following installation of the device, payment of all associated license reinstatement fees and successful completion of the license permit exam and driving road test.

The $30 monthly program administration fee helps cover the RMV's cost to run the IID Program. The $30 monthly fee is collected per IID program participant, not per vehicle. The IID must be installed in every vehicle that you own, lease or operate (including your employer's vehicle); no exceptions are made.

The Ignition Interlock Department can be reached by phone at 857-368-7180.

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