Junior Operator Violations (JOL)

Suspensions & Hearings

Junior operators are drivers between the age of 16½ and 18 and are subject to all driver’s license suspensions/revocations as provided by Massachusetts General Laws and the Code of Massachusetts Regulations. In addition, amendments to legislation, such as the Junior Operator Law and the Safe Driver Law, impose increased penalties for certain violations issued to junior operators. The purpose of the Junior Operator Law is to reduce teen driver crash rates and deaths. Any suspension/revocation imposed on a junior operator must be served to completion even if you reach the age of 18 before the suspension period ends. All junior operator suspensions/revocations are mandatory suspensions by law. Junior operators are not eligible for hardship licenses.

A junior operator is subject to different reinstatement requirements depending on whether you hold a Junior Operator's License or Junior Operator's Learner's Permit. See the Driver's License Holders and Learner's Permit Holders sections for suspension/revocation information, including how to resolve the suspension/revocation.

Depending on the violation, junior operators may need to:

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