Salvage Title

Titles and Salvage Vehicles

If an insurance company takes possession of a vehicle, they are required to apply for a Salvage Title within ten (10) days. If the owner retains possession, he/she may have the choice of applying for either a Salvage Title or an Owner Retained Title. An Owner Retained Title can only be issued if the vehicle has an active registration and can be legally driven.

Please note: Once a Salvage Title has been issued, the vehicle is no longer registered and cannot be driven.

To Process a Salvage Title, you must submit the following documents:

When will I receive my Title?

Please allow seven (7) to ten (10) business days after receipt of the application for the Salvage Title to be issued and mailed.

Additional Information:

Detailed policies, information, and instructions on applying for Salvage Repairable Titles