Adding a Lienholder

Titles and Salvage Vehicles

If you need to add or change a lienholder listed on your MA title, you must apply to amend this information.

To add/change a lienholder to an existing MA title, you must submit the following to the Registry of Motor Vehicles:

  • A completed Title Amendment Form. Please check the appropriate boxes and fill in all the required information. All owner(s) must sign the application.
  • The original MA Certificate of Title with the previous lien released (stamped and signed by previous lienholder) or a lienholder release letter (must be on lienholder’s letterhead - NO COPIES).
  • $25.00 fee

When will the lienholder receive the MA title?

Please allow seven (7) to ten (10) business days after receipt of the application for a new title to be processed and mailed. The new title will be mailed directly to the lienholder.

Additional Information:

Detailed policies, information, and instructions about Adding/Amending a Lienholder

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