Who Needs a Massachusetts License?

Residents of Massachusetts (MA) are required to have a valid MA license to legally operate a vehicle in MA. Out-of-state or foreign-licensed drivers MUST obtain a MA driver's license upon becoming a MA resident.

Photo-Image Licenses

Massachusetts Photo-Image License In February of 1995, Massachusetts began issuing Photo Image Licenses. This digitized license has increased security for our customers by making it tamper-resistant. This form of licensing also makes it easier and quicker for the RMV to issue replacements and to add endorsements. As another means of protecting yourself and your privacy, Massachusetts uses a state assigned number on all license and ID cards. This randomly assigned number is a nine-digit number starting with the letter "S" and followed by eight numerals. You must provide the RMV with a valid social security number. Your photo image license is valid for up to five (5) years and is issued to expire on your birthday. This technology is also used for the Mass and Liquor Identification Cards.

Photo-image ID's

For people who do not have a Massachusetts driver's license, the RMV can issue one of two official identification cards - The Massachusetts ID and Massachusetts Liquor ID. While these two ID's look similar to driver's licenses, they do not extend any driving privileges. These two ID cards are official forms of identity, signature, and age that are accepted in the Commonwealth

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