Disabled Plate/Placard Forms

Form Description Instructions
Application for Disabled Parking Placard/Plate
(Revised January 2017)
Disabled Parking Placards and Plates are available for vehicles that transport medically disabled drivers and passengers.

This application is a two page form. The applicant is required to complete the first page of the form and the second page of the form MUST be completed by a Massachusetts healthcare provider. The form contains a list of the types of healthcare providers eligible to complete the form. Once you complete the first page, you should take both pages of the form to your healthcare provider to complete the second page. Please return both completed pages to the RMV for processing. The completed form can either be mailed to Medical Affairs or submitted to any RMV Service Center.

Healthcare professionals: Read more about the revised application form in effect as of January 2017.

Disabled Veterans Plate Disabled Veteran Plates are available for one vehicle owned by a veteran who has impairment(s) as certified by the Veteran's Administration that total at least 60% service connected and be impairments which otherwise qualifies one for disabled parking.

For more information, visit our Disabled Veterans Plate page.

Include Disabled Veteran Plate letter from the Veteran's Administration stating that the disability is at least 60% service connected.

The VA letter MUST provide a rating breakdown of the service connected impairment(s).

Complete & Mail: To:
Registry of Motor Vehicles
Attn: Medical Affairs
PO Box 55889
Boston, MA 02205-5889
Report Handicap Parking Abuse

Mail or FAX form

Submit Online
Complete the report online or complete, sign and mail the mail/fax form to report suspected abuse of a disabled placard or handicap parking space. Complete the report online or complete, sign and mail the mail/fax form to the address or fax number located on the bottom of the Abuse Complaint Form.

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