A two-pronged principle drives reciprocity in the Enhanced Emissions and Safety Program. First, Massachusetts motorists who are outside the Commonwealth when their vehicle inspections expire must comply with the inspection requirements of the outside jurisdiction for the duration of their stays. Second, those motorists must comply with Massachusetts inspection requirements upon returning to the Commonwealth.

Motorists who are out of state when their inspections expire must provide proof that they are out of state so that the RMV can prevent registration suspension. This proof must come in the form of a properly completed and submitted Out-of-State Verification Form.

To avoid I/M-related registration suspensions, the RMV encourages Massachusetts motorists to obtain vehicle inspections before leaving the state.

Following is the detailed reciprocity process flow:

  1. A Massachusetts resident with a valid vehicle inspection leaves the state with the vehicle.
  2. While the resident is outside Massachusetts, the vehicle’s inspection expires.
  3. Within 60 days or upon registration suspension, the resident calls the RMV’s I/M department.
  4. The I/M department directs the resident to obtain the inspection services required by the outside jurisdiction and ensures that the resident obtains the RMV’s Out-of-State Verification for Vehicle Inspection Form via the RMV’s website, fax, or mail.
  5. The resident submits the completed Out-of-State Verification for Vehicle Inspection Form to the I/M department via fax or mail.
  6. The I/M department prevents the resident’s I/M-related registration suspension.
  7. The resident returns to Massachusetts with the vehicle.
  8. Within 15 days of return to Massachusetts, the resident obtains a Massachusetts inspection.

NOTE: After 60 days with no inspection or waiver action, the RMV will suspend the resident’s vehicle registration for I/M-related reasons. At this point, the resident should proceed to Step 3.

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