Driving Records/Driving History

Suspensions & Hearings

Public Driving Records

A Public Driving Record includes criminal and civil driving offenses for which you were found either guilty or responsible, plus discretionary and administrative license suspension actions. A Public Driving Record is a complete look at a license holder’s driving career in Massachusetts. Surchargeable accidents are also included. Certain drug suspensions, expired warrants, and expired child support obligation information is no longer displayed on a Public Driving Record as required by Chapter 64 of the Acts of 2016.

Two versions of a Public Driving Record are available from the RMV:

  • "True & Attested" Public Driving Record - A True & Attested version will contain an official stamp of the Registrar and is suitable for official purposes.
  • "Unattested" Public Driving Record - The Unattested version contains the same information as the True and Attested document, but it does not contain an official stamp and is best for personal use.

Who can access a Public Driving Record? - The information contained in a Public Driving Record may be provided to the record holder and to another party capable of providing sufficient identifying information to receive that particular Public Driving Record under the federal Driver Privacy Protection Act. Public recipients of this record may include, for example, employers and the media.

Information on Ordering a Public Driving Record, Personal Driving Record or Full Certified Driving History

Personal Driving Histories and Full Certified Driving Histories

A Personal Driving History contains all motor vehicle offenses, regardless of disposition, plus discretionary or administrative license suspensions actions that you have accumulated over the course of your driving career. For example, a Personal Driving History will show dispositions on motor vehicle violations that you were found civilly not responsible for and criminal violations you were found not guilty of having committed. Surchargeable accidents are also included. The Personal Driving History contains drug offense, warrant and child support information that is protected from public dissemination under Chapter 64 of the Acts of 2016.

A Full Certified Driving History includes a copy of the Personal Driving History in addition to copies of all suspension correspondence sent to the history holder.

Who can access a Personal Driving History or Full Certified Driving History? - The information contained in a Personal Driving History and in a Full Certified Driving History is available to the history-holder and anyone that holder has explicitly designated, in writing, to receive these documents. Access to this information will remain available to select RMV personnel, law enforcement, court personnel, and for other state and federal government purposes.

Registry Record Fees

Record Type Fee
True & Attested Public Driving Record $20.00
Unattested Public Driving Record – Internet Order Only $6.00
Unattested Public Driving Record – Paper Submission $20.00
Personal Driving History or Full Certified Driving History $20.00
Other Registry Record $20.00
Uncertified Copy of Other Registry Record $5.00
Processing a Summons and Complaint for a civil court case involving a motor vehicle accident $10.00

Personal Information Requests

If an eligible third party is interested in obtaining an RMV record that contains personal information about another person, the requestor must certify that he/she is eligible to view the record. For eligibility details and required identification, please refer to the Request for Personal Information application.

PLEASE NOTE: The requestor must complete a request form and obtain a notarized signature of the person whose personal information is being requested. If a federal, state, or local agency wants access to a RMV records, the agency must either obtain a subpoena or follow the protocols outlined above.

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