Recovered Theft or Reconstructed Title

Titles and Salvage Vehicles

To apply for a Reconstructed Title or Recovered Theft Title, you must bring the following documents in person to any RMV Full Service Center:

  • A completed Application for Title and Registration (RMV-1 Form). If registering the vehicle, the RMV-1 Form must be stamped by your insurance agent
  • The current Salvage Repairable Title with the Assignment of Title section(s) on the back of the title completed, and an Authorization for Payoff of a Salvage Vehicle (if applicable)
  • The Certificate of Salvage Inspection, completed by an inspector, stamped with the Registrar's signature
  • Current Certificate of Registration (if applicable)
  • $75.00 title fee

When will I receive the title?

Please allow four (4) to six (6) weeks after receipt of the application for a Reconstructed Title or Recovered Theft Title to be processed and mailed.

Detailed policies, information, and instructions about Reconstructed or Recovered Theft Titles

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