As of the first of this month, "STMPNK" may be available for order. Please submit an application or call our telephone center to confirm availability.

Note: Because "STMPNK" is 6 characters, it is not available as a motorcycle vanity plate.

To find out how to apply for a vanity plate or to verify a different plate, please click here


Please Note: Plate availability cannot be guaranteed until it has been confirmed by the Registry.

  1. The Registrar will not knowingly issue a requested Vanity registration plate containing a group of letters or combination of numbers and letters if the plate is either offensive or duplicative of an existing registration. Specifically, the Registrar will not issue a requested combination of letters and numbers or letters alone if
    • Such combination is vulgar in that it is in poor taste or is degrading or is considered a profanity, including a swear or curse word, not usually displayed in the community for general viewing
    • Such combination is derogatory in that it disparages or belittles someone or something
    • Such combination is obscene in that it refers to a sexual body part, a term for or most closely associated with a sex act, or the availability for sex
    • Such combination is an expression of contempt, ridicule, or superiority of a race, religion, deity, ethnic heritage, gender, sexual orientation, or political affiliation
    • Such combination is an expression of “fighting words” designed to inflame passions and possibly lead to a violent confrontation
    • Such combination would appear to duplicate a registration already issued
  2. The Registrar may reject a requested combination for other reasons if she reasonably determines that issuance of the requested combination would be inappropriate as a state-issued registration plate.
  1. It is irrelevant whether offensive material is communicated when reading the vanity plate from left-to-right or from right-to-left, when viewed through a rear view mirror, or whether it is in a foreign language or in a code which only a small segment of the community may be able to readily decipher.
  2. The Registrar reserves the right to recall a vanity plate that has been issued, even if such registration and plate have been renewed. If the Registrar becomes aware that a group of letters or a combination of numbers and letters appears to be offensive in nature, or that a plate appears to duplicate an existing registration, this will be sufficient cause for recall.

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